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thumbs up"Hurray I'm registered!"(use this thread to introduce yourself)

Posted by zeropop 
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
August 09, 2014
Welcome keeper of traken and happypetowner!!

You both will fit in perfectly with us.

We look forward to your posts.


I miss my little feather baby.
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
August 09, 2014
I love this forum! I started lurking here after watching some "news" story about one of a trillion "kid heroes" (seriously, I am having it with even watching TV anymore with all these little heroes running amok!) This little gem of a 9-yr-old was swimming in FLORIDA in a lake clearly marked NO SWIMMING. Little idiot gets attacked by gator, and survives.

HOO FUCKING RAY! Where's my medal and cash prize please, because I have survived my own stupidity in fashions much more extreme that this kid LOL! Anyway, 47 year old happily childfree female, my hobbies include perpetually annoying my feel-good manchild boyfriend/roommate with my cynical attitude and devil-may-care mouthiness. Drinking ranks right up there too smiling smiley Glad to be here! (EMOJIs and GIFs, hooray self-expression!)


Waving Hi to all our New Folk! smiling smiley

Happypetowner - your thoughts about the "Child Heroes" reminded me of something sim I'm getting fed up of: Kid Entrepreneurs! Kid Inventors! Musical Child Prodigy!

Another form of this ubiquitous Child Worship. Which surrounds us like a choking miasma of sewer gas.

Thankfully we have our little Oasis here smiling smiley
Anonymous User
finally joined
August 15, 2014

I too have lurked for some time, finding peace and tranquility in the board. I am a child and family therapist and my life revolves around kids. I love the kids I work with, but honestly have never been a "kid person". I have known since the time I was about 15 years old (now almost 30) that having children was not for me. I have dealt with people saying I am too young to make this choice, I will change my mind, I do not know what I am missing, dismissal of my decision, and outright being mocked and put down as if I am not a full adult with adult problems if I do not have a child. I work with parents whom have not worked for years and yet have homes of their own, full refrigerators, nice clothes on their backs, and anything else they really want (and brag about it to boot) simply because they have breed without being able to afford it and get all the hand outs one could only imagine. I resent that I pay a crap load of taxes (including school taxes for children I will never have), that I have to work hard and pay for every single thing that I have, that I have to listen to people rationalize why they should get preference for holiday vacations because they have kids, that I work hard to help other people's children while they could not seem to care less about their own children's well being, and all the while, these childed people like to think they are some how supreme and better simply for being a parent (regardless of the quality of their parenting). I am sick of society's child warship, which I have seen first hand only results in bratty kids who feel entitled to everything and are grateful for nothing. They have zero respect for adults and authority in general. I am just happy that I have a place to come and feel like I am not alone. I have trolled CF boards since I was a teenager, and at that time it was the only place I felt like I belonged (I went to a catholic high school which of course tried to beat the idea in my head that my greatest accomplishment on earth was to be a mother). I have fought with my feelings of being child free, sometimes I found myself wishing to be ignorant to the reality of parenting just so I could join the cult, but I am in a place now where I am happy with who I am, proud to say I am CF, and I feel fortunate that I do know better and that I am dodging the bullet of parenthood!!
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Re: finally joined
August 15, 2014
Anndddd, I posted this in the incorrect place. Hahaha, sorry everyone
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
August 16, 2014
Some paragraph breaks would help a lot. smiling smiley
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
August 16, 2014
Holy Text Wall, Batman.

I miss my little feather baby.
I think my eyes are bleeding! confused smiley
So I'm back after my old accounts (malmsteen and livebynight, lost to the deleted or invalid thing, and have gone through a good bit of personal strife. Hoping to be more active here in the very near future.

Posting my comment off the Malmsteen intro here with updated info:


Hello, this is past member malmsteen/livebynight, had some things in life come up, got back on the internets, lost my password twice, & neither account is valid anymore :hello

Back to BF I come due to the breeder nonsense, especially li'l sizzlers, shitrag changing and beefing in public that I've been seeing in media.

Glad to be back and looks like breeder nonsense is still as high & crazy as ever.

For those who don't remember me I am an autistic but functional 25-year-old bio male identifying as female/attracted to the same, and saving for mail-order hormones & hair removal (came out to my family last year), living in Oregon, I don't like natalism and child-worship, and I have been working as-needed in a hobby store. Have also become a small-time artist photographer (have been for years but am getting serious about it.

Enjoying a childfree life with good music, good food and true crime books & TV to entertain when off work.

That's all for now...
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
August 18, 2014
Hi malmsteen! I remember you!

I've always enjoyed your posts.

Glad you're back here with our little family.friendly hug

I miss my little feather baby.
Thanks very much, Drake! Nice little community here compared to the free-for-all that most of the FB CF groups began turning into (no offense to any of our mods/admins and members who belong to those)

Got a fetus-stalking sighting from today.
Well everyone seems very friendly here, thanks for the warm welcome
Anonymous User
Re: hello all
August 28, 2014

Tangent: is "benry" a reference to a certain awesome character on the series "Lost?"

I'm sorry I missed your comment earlier!
I wish it was, but actually it is the blended names of my two dogs, and I named my dogs prior to watching the show. But you can imagine my reaction to the naming coincidence when the hapless Mr. Gale's true identity was revealed. :eyebrows doh face bouncing and laughing

My dogs may THINK they are evil geniuses, but they really can't compare.
Nor can I, sadly, but it doesn't keep any of us from trying. devil with smile

Definitely one of the best characters on the only TV show I've ever really gotten into.
I actually bought the DVD set and re-watch all 6 seasons every year. :redface
(I also skip over the Claire "moi bayyyyyyyyybee" scenes and the Michael "Waaaaaaaaaaaaallllt" scenes every year, though I think they made those characters unwatchable on purpose and that makes me laugh)

Michael, especially, is a fine example of how "unselfish" parunts are. the world 'fail' on flames
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
September 02, 2014
Now I have to ask, Benry, is your avi a pic of The Coun/t from S/e/s/a/m/e Street? It looks like him as a wee vampire infant. One, ONE shitty diaper! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!
Hi everyone!

I have known I never wanted kids ever since I can remember, and happily had my tubes tied 5 years ago. Similar to keeper of traken, I am also an introvert. I require time alone to allow myself to mentally *recharge*. The sheer thought of having even one child constantly screaming for "Mommy!" was enough make me dread the thought of ever getting married, until I realized that not having a child was actually an option! Happily, after getting myself sterilized, I met a man who shares my views, and we have been married almost 2 years.
Well, what can I say? I've known since I was 15 years old that I NEVER wanted kids, although everyone always told me I was too young to make that choice and "I'd change my mind." I'm sure you've heard that one before! When I was 22 I was totally in love with a wonderful man; but he wanted children. People told me that if I truly loved him, I should change for him. Luckily, he and I both respected and loved each other enough to go our separate ways.
I was beginning to think that being childfree meant that I would have to be alone all my life until when I was 29 I finally met and married a man who shares my views and didn't want children either. The bigger struggle was finding a doctor who was willing to sterilize. They all kept telling me I'd change my mind.
Finally, I joined another online childfree forum where another member living in my area gave me the name of a childfree doctor who would do it for me. The day I got my hysterectomy felt like a personal Independence Day. I was finally free of the " You'll-be-a-mom-someday" stereotype. I was finally free of the pain, the stupid pills, the fear the pills might fail, the constant comments people always made. That other forum shut down some years ago and I've had trouble finding a new place where I can chat and laugh and share stories with other childfree folks who feel the way I do.
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
September 09, 2014
:1welcome everyone!
Hey! It's Seacreature again! Can't post as much as I used to, but I'll try to log in a little more and talk to you folks. Miss you! smiling smiley
Hey! So glad I found a place like this!

It is pretty darn hard to find people who aren't at least somewhat offended by the whole childfree thing!

I'm a 30/m and couldn't be any happier to be childfree!

I've always loathe being touched by most people and am very easily grossed out by other people bodily fluid (to point where I don't even get a massage from other people or have sex with someone I don't know very well) So as a young kid, I've never liked nor care for babies and would usually always be the one to stand far away when people crowded all over fuck trophy.
Also being the oldest, I have two siblings and my mom would make me help with them and I hate every moment of it so much that I was pretty much living away from home half of the time by time I was sixteen then as soon as I turned eighteen, I bolted right out of the house and never looked back.

It was by far the best decision I've ever made! I have a amazing life and would have never been able to if I have a walking STD parasite.

BTW my user name is a excuse I tell people when they ask if I have any kid as a way to make them uncomfortable to have their own kids around me or talk about anything child related smiling smiley
Hi everyone. I was lurking for a while and the freshness of some of the opinions here that I could never express to some of the breeders I know made me decide to register.
I'm staunchly CF and had a vasectomy just before I got married to put a stop to any bingoes before they even started. Now I have a long and happy life with my SO where we can go where we please, do what we like, and I'm hoping I'll be able to retire by the time I'm 45, or at the latest, 50.

I honestly do not see what appeals to breeders so much that they want to throw their own lives away and work their asses off all their lives for an ungrateful offspring. But on the flipside, there is no reason why said offspring should be eternally grateful; the parents wanted 'em, the parents pay for 'em! But no, I'll not put my life on hold for 20+ years, I'll enjoy the things life has to offer now, thankyouverymuch! And not only that, I'm big on self-improvement and education. I can continue to learn new ideas, foreign languages, keep fit, and eat well. Again the question "why would you not want this for yourself!?" comes up.

I just don't understand breeders...
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
September 16, 2014
A big warm :1welcome to all the noobs!

I miss my little feather baby.
Hello all, happy to be hear and to have found a group that has the same views as me!!! :GOMIIMOG
Greetings to all the noobs!



Why live in a fishbowl, when you could be swimming in the ocean?

"She, and all other rabid breeders, are like crabs in a bucket headed to Red Lobster. When they see a smarter crab escaping, they try to pull it back in." - Miss Hannigan

"Yeah, that's what family is about - guilt tripping people into cleaning up someone else's mess." - mrs. chinaski

(Shameless blog promotion: http://popcornculturejunkie.wordpress.com/)

(Cornucopia of visual rantage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD78oSD27mzAlVzsB0q2ibA)
Re: thumbs upup"Hurray I'm registered!"thumbs upup(use this thread to introduce yourself)
October 23, 2014
Hey! It's Seacreature again! Can't post as much as I used to, but I'll try to log in a little more and talk to you folks. Miss you! smiling smiley

We do remember and a BIG WELCOME BACK! smiling smiley


Glad to "Sea" you again, Creature smiling smiley
Hello everyone!

I'm a long time lurker who loves reading the posts on here, it helps keep me sane. I'm a 39yr old female who moved from the north, to the bible belt. Wow, what a culture shock! Since age 12 I knew kids where not for me. I've been happily sterilized for 3 years now. I live with a very needy orange tabby who loves to drink my tea. Anyway, I look forward to meeting everyone and taking part in discussions.
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