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Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices

Posted by twocents 
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 16, 2020
It sounds like the marriage is over anyway.

Yeah, I was thinking that, too. He sounds done with them. He is handling it in a shitty, jerky way...but he's done.

Either way, both the adults need to make sure they don't have any more children, with each other or with future partners. They need to focus on undoing the damage on the one they already made.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 16, 2020
Moos ask why the most basic forms of personal hygiene/maintenance are considered "self-care" akin to a spa visit for them.


Some of this is a mix of societal pressure to sacrifice everything for the sake of babby and worthless husbands who use enough "me time" for two people, but a good chunk of it is also Moos who think they have to be up their kids' asses 24/7. Contrary to what Moos seem to believe, they CAN lock the bathroom door to take a shit in peace. They CAN leave the brats at home with fuckface Duh whether or not he likes it so they can go do something for a few hours. They CAN keep special treats for themselves under lock and key so nobody else gets at them.

They just won't because they're retarded. Their precious iddle pumpkins won't shrivel up like flowers in the desert if they don't have Mommy hovering over them every single second. Funny how previous generations of parents managed to maintain lives and hobbies outside their brats. How the fuck can they expect to properly care for someone else when they can't even figure out how to care for themselves? Be "selfish" - tell Duh and Junior to fuck off and that they aren't the only ones who matter in the house. And if you're so bad at parenting that you "can't" take a shower or "can't" take one without an underage audience, then you are doing something wrong.

Or they could have just not had fucking kids if they wanted more time to themselves, but unless any of them find Susan Smith to be a good role model, that ship may have already sailed.

Moo who got up the duff with a second kid knowing what a worthless sack her husband is



Will probably go into detail about this some other time (no solutions wanted rn) but I’m currently 13 weeks and just experiencing so much dread and anxiety of the thought of how things will be after I come home from the hospital. I already have a 21 month old who is a handful and I literally just got yelled at for not putting the pillowcases on because SO “specifically texted and asked me to” yesterday and he had to put them on himself before a nap. God forbid he had to do it himself. Just like I asked him earlier in the week to take care of the chemical cleaning aspect of my bathroom since I’m not supposed to be doing that especially since there’s no windows to ventilate. Guess who did it anyways yesterday without a complaint? I was also excited to go back to school online next week but now I know that while I’m busy taking 15 credits and stressing out about getting my work done with a hyperactive toddler around, I will probably get reamed out at the end of the day for some little thing I didn’t do. Yay.

Why did she have one kid with this knob, let alone two? Why are women so stupid? I'm no fucking scholar myself, but I'm ashamed to say I have reproductive organs in common with these morons.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 19, 2020
Obsessing over your child's bowel movements




my four year old daughter with sensory processing disorder on the spectrum WILL NOT FUCKING PUSH HER POOPS OUT AND I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO FOR HER ANYMORE

For years it was watching her cry every freaking time she had to poop. Trying so hard to find the right combination that would make her tummy happy. Now it’s Miralax everyday, no milk, no gluten, watch out for processed foods and food coloring, make sure she poops everyday and go into high fucking gear if she doesn’t with prune juice and blueberries and suppositories. Among other ideas. And constantly worry about taking another trip to the ER if we can’t get it under control ourselves

There’s her whole life in a nutshell and I’m so tired of it. But now she’s old enough to communicate that she doesn’t want to poop, she is going to poop another day, confirming that she withholds her poops out of fear of the feeling and fear of pain. I don’t know how to get over this or through this. She is still not potty trained and at this point I don’t know when the fuck that will ever change.

Today she is having stomach aches from me missing a day of miralax. Yes I’ve fucked up and now I’m beating myself up and her behavior is wild because she doesn’t feel good. I should be so much more patient and sympathetic and I’m at the point where I’m snapping. Please send me patient vibes. I need to do better.

So today, we have to get through this, but in the meantime I’m in a goddamn depression about it. Movies aren’t keeping her focus, activities aren’t keeping her focus, we are just pinballing around and whining about snacks (cuz her tummy feels off so she snacks when this happens) every two minutes. Goddexx gimme strength. Thanks for reading my rant - If anyone’s dealt with this plz send some love and advice my way. this sensory shit is a lot sometimes.

Can someone explain this bullshit to me? Because when I have to go, I get so uncomfortable if I hold it for too long. The only people I've ever heard of just refusing to shit are kids. Why? And how? Judging by the comments, kids who pull this shit (no pun intended) will frequently crap their pants in small amounts accidentally, so these lucky Moos are just constantly washing soiled underwear. This brat is also not potty-trained yet at the age of four. Lovely.

Why do Moos obsess over their kids' crapping schedules so much? The kid is probably scared to take a shit because of Moo obsessing over her and cramming prunes and Miralax in one end and suppositories in the other constantly. Can you imagine this being your life, pouring stuff down the kid's throat trying to make it go and dealing with tantrums because it won't perform a basic fucking bodily function that they did just fine as infants? Can you imagine being a kid and your parents are putting tons of pressure on you to use the toilet and you know if you don't go, you get to drink stuff that tastes like crap and then get something shoved in your ass? Is it honestly that hard to leave the kid to its own devices in this regard and take it to a pediatrician every couple weeks to get cleaned out if it refuses to go?

Give the brat a combination of magnesium citrate and sugar-free gummy bears and then stand back. If she continues to not shit after that combo, I would consider taking her to the Vatican to be declared a bona-fide miracle and then to the hospital.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 19, 2020
I knew someone a long time ago whose kid would hold his poop and would refuse to go to the point where he needed surgery to unblock his bowels.

So I think it can be a thing but it certainly won't be helped by Moo hovering over her brat every minute.

Feed the kid chocolate ExLax and be done with it. It looks like candy. A friend's mom when we were growing up used to tell her it WAS candy and my friend would sneak extra pieces before she knew what it was.

Reason 7,493,439 to be glad I did not allow myself to be badgered into having a kid: who the Hell wants to spend 18+ years on the dietary input/output situation?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 19, 2020
When I was a kid, I would not shit until it was cement. I did this voluntarily and I still don't know why. I think I thought I was supposed to. Whenever I got the urge, I'd hold it in till the urge went away. Eventually I'd be so uncomfortable I'd go painfully birth a brick. I think my mother thought I had a constipation problem. I don't think she knew I was doing it to myself. Eventually I figured out that shitting when I first got the urge was a lot more comfortable and stopped holding it. Turns out I still had a constipation problem.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 19, 2020
Makes me wonder if there is a communication issue with kids who won't poop. Like I know the kid in question is four and has some kind of made up form of autism, but surely it's not so fucking stupid that the concept of taking a dump = good can't be dumbed down for them to understand it. I mean that has to be better than stuffing the kid full of laxatives and suppositories! Is it not possible to become dependent on those products to go if you use them too often?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 20, 2020
Maybe my chronic constipation caused me to hold it in. Maybe I wouldn't go because I knew it would hurt if I did. I may never know, it was such a long time ago. I never did figure out a reason for doing it.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 20, 2020
Moo is feeling insecure about her cavern crotch and received this as a response:


Hey I was raised to know that if you start to get looser all you have to do is kegels. After my 4 boys including twins all vag births where born I was doing 100 a day. When I met my husband he thought I was a virgin based on how tight it was. He got bruises from me orgasming. He asked me to stop the kegels because "it hurt him when I came". Not trying to make less of how you are feeling. You are completely justified in your feelings. I just wanted you to know that if you are afraid your not so tight down there you can fix that. It is just a muscle, like any other muscle if you exercise it you gain strength.

Yeah, whatever you say, moo.

Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 21, 2020
Aren't kegels meant to strengthen the pelvic muscles to help with incontinence and weakness? I don't think the vagina is among those muscles. It's tissue, it's a mucous membrane, it's an orifice, but I don't think it's a muscle, is it? Therefore, "exercising" it via kegels doesn't seem to make sense. I know kegels are touted as a post-natal vaginal ctrl+Z, but I have never believed that squeezing your pelvic muscles a few times a day would make you tighter. You know how a rubber band will get really stretched out over time with use, and it never just snaps back to the way it was? Same goes for vaginas after giving birth - they don't tighten back up and work like normal even if you do kegels 24/7.

The commenting Moo is a colorful storyteller, that's for sure. Being so tight that it caused her partner pain and physical injury? That sounds like a porn fantasy and severe delusion. No, the truth is that torn-up wind sock Moo has between her legs is NEVER going to go back to how it was. That's the price you pay for breeding.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 21, 2020
The opening is a muscle which sometimes has to be stretched in order to allow non-painful intercourse (speaking from experience). Kegels can be used to teach control over the muscle to help with involuntary contracting. As for this moo's claims that it can be restored after being stretched like a rubber band, I couldn't speak for the veracity, but it seems unlikely to me. My husband would know cause he's fucked a few moos, but I've always been nervous about asking.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 22, 2020
Moo's awtard goes up to play with some other kid's unattended toy and he melts down when he can't, and Moo is "broken" because the other Moo told her to hustle her tard back home after threatening her with violence.


I laughed. Not everyone finds your differently abled ADD/ADHD/ODD tard endearing, asshole. Also, WHY is she taking a low-functioning awtard to a fucking LAKE? It's common knowledge that tards and awtards are fatally attracted to bodies of water.


So I decided to take my 4 year old autistic (lower functioning) son to a lake near our home. There are generally people there but we socially distance so it's fine.

He was playing along the shore when he spotted 2 boys tossing a football in the water. He was interested but still just running sand through his fingers.

A little later he decided to walk. He apparently spotted the boys football unattended. He walked up to it and picked it up. I took it away and told him that it wasn't his so he couldn't play with it. He immediately melted down.

The football kids mom asked me what the problem was as I was trying to get my son calm and walk to the car. I explained that he was autistic and didn't understand about the ball. She immediately told me that I shouldn't have him out in public if he was going to act like a freak. I told her again that he was not a freak and had a disability. She threatened to "fuck me up" and I should get my "little bitch ass retarded fucking brat" away from normal ass people.

At this point I got to my car and left. My son was still upset. The priority was him.

I got a mile down the road, snack given, son calm and happy, and broke. I cried like a baby. All while singing the fucking ABC song. I have never had to deal with that. I wanted to beat that bitch senseless. I'm a full grown woman and I wanted to fuck her face up.

Seriously how can you treat a child like that?!
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 22, 2020
This fucking moron is divorcing her husband and she finds out she's knocked up, and both her and Duh are happy about the eventual co-parenting a new loaf on top of two other kids. At the very least, these two did not stay together "for the kids" like most brain-dead unhappy couples, but all I see is another unnecessary life to make miserable with shuttling between homes.



It was a long time coming, but our 6 year old exclaiming "when are you two gonna get a divorce already?" a few weeks ago really made us realise that no matter how much couple's counselling, sex, and hope we throw at it, our relationship isn't fixable and it's not worth just keeping it together for the kids, because it's just not good for them to see their parents argue all the time. It's been very freeing to both of us, and we're very amicable now.

In all the chaos of him moving out and our oldest returning to school amid ever-changing covid restrictions I failed to notice that my period was late until today. Took a test and had to call him just hours after he'd moved his last boxes into his brother's place to come right back over so I could tell him the news! We're both excited but very nervous to be coparenting a baby along with our 4 and 6 year olds. I'm having my first scan in a few days and after that we'll probably tell our kids about it. Wish us luck!
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 22, 2020

I laughed. Not everyone finds your differently abled ADD/ADHD/ODD tard endearing, asshole. Also, WHY is she taking a low-functioning awtard to a fucking LAKE? It's common knowledge that tards and awtards are fatally attracted to bodies of water.

Probably a PNA attempt
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 23, 2020
Apparently some Moos have such shit lives that some fantasize about being hospitalized just so they can get away from their kids, partners and responsibilities and be tended to by someone else. I would almost feel bad for them if their spouses and decisions to reproduce were not 100% voluntary.

Not to mention the fact that they would be totally content taking up a hospital bed to escape a life they chose when people are still being hospitalized left and right for a life-threatening virus (not to mention the vast numbers of people who are hospitalized for other reasons unrelated to coronavirus).



So, after my daughter went to bed I decided to research why I was reminiscing about my surgery last week. I was bothered by these thoughts and feelings of wanting to be back in the hospital, then back in bed where I was too hurt and swollen to move. I felt so guilty for taking my health for granted.

But then google revealed that it’s actually a pretty common thing. It’s not that I actually want to be sick or hurt, I just want to be cared for. And oh yeah, a break.

On my surgery day I didn’t have to think about dinner, grocery shop, cook and clean dinner (and every other meal), do all chores, laundry, fix things in the house, get mail (open and read it), pay the bills, read about child development, take out the trash, sweep, mop, vacuum, work, parent, play with toddler, clean up toddler messes, etc etc etc. You know, all the shit a lot of us feel alone in doing.

I got about 4 days of rest post op. Supposed to be a week at least but I can’t stand a filthy house and only eating toast. I’m just feeling extra overwhelmed after the first real break I’ve had in 20 months. I had to pay for it and be really sore, but fuck it was so nice. Fuck the mental load. Fuck this house and his video games. Fuck it all. But there is a silver lining; any extra fat from my daughter was sucked out and put into my face. Along with fixing my exhausted heavy eyes and long mid face. Swollen as fuck but so worth it.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 24, 2020
I remember fantasizing about being in the hospital in second grade. I didn't really want to be sick or injured, I just wanted to get away from both home and school. The difference between me and those Moos is my shitty situation was not my choice.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 24, 2020
No, bitch, WE'RE dumbfounded!


These words actually left my own mothers mouth during a video call this afternoon.

Is she for real?

I told her that my son (10 months old) got a fever so he’s been comfort nursing a lot.

She actually gasped because she didn’t know I was still breastfeeding my son, so I replied with why wouldn’t I breastfeed him until he’s ready to wean himself.

The look of disgust. I told her, some babies are still nursing at 1, 3 or even older. She said ‘That’s just disgusting, you’re basically molesting the child at that point.’

What the actual fuck? Are people really this uneducated about breastfeeding?! I’m dumbfounded!

Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 24, 2020
I honestly don't know when the healthy minimum cut-off age is for beefing, but I think it's anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half. So I guess this kid's not too old to still be sucking on a tit. I don't know, I'm not a pediatrician. But yeah, three is too old. If a kid can shit in a toilet, it can drink from a cup.

What bothers me more is the fact the child is "comfort nursing." Basically, this means Moo is a human pacifier and the nursing is not done for feeding purposes. So in other words, Moo is likely taking advantage of her ill child's desire for comfort in order to get herself moist. In that sense, yes, she is molesting her child under the guise of being a good mommy.

I don't know why the fuck you would even want to keep beefing a kid with teeth. I've heard plenty of stories of cracked bleeding nipples caused by breastfeeding and I have to wonder why women do that to themselves. Does blood have a lot of essential nutrients for a growing child too?
The r/regretfulparents sub is full of gems too, like this one:


This sub is for regretful parents, not grateful CFs.

'Im cF aNd tHiS suB hAs rEAlLy hELpeD sOlidIFy mY dEcIsIoN thAnKs gUyS'

Yes, I'm a bit salty. But honestly I thought this sub would be a safe place for regretful parents to help eachother out and share experiences.

While there is a great deal of that there is also a far too many CF individuals using it as a confirmation mechanism of their choices. Now being CF doesn't exclude you from participating if you have something of value to add, hell go ahead and read our stories if you really want extra confirmation for yourself, but believe me the last thing regretful parents want is to be thanked by CF people for confirming their choices as they skip away on their 3rd holiday of the year! It's not the purpose of this sub and you're doing the opposite of helping!

Sorry for the rant, visited the sub during another 2am screaming wake up and it honestly just made me feel mostly even worse lol.

Somebody in the comments did point out that parents feel free to come to childfree communities and interject their unsolicited and unwanted parental opinions.

Or this numbnut here who had a child young and then apparently didn’t quite understand parenting, so had another two 8 and 10 years after the first one:


Parenting is not what I thought it would be.

I have three children. The oldest is 19, the youngest is 9 (the middle is 11). I was a teen mom. I have been doing this for about twenty years and I just don’t like it. At all.

I love my children. They are bright and articulate and fascinatingly different one from the other. We are relatively well off, and I work really hard to provide them with everything they need, including love, care, and affection. I just DON’T love being their mother.

I thought it would get better after they reached kindergarten. I thought it would be better when I was older and more mature when I had the latter two, and they were close in age instead of my older singleton. But it wasn’t. It was worse.

I thought parenting was about showing your children how amazing the world is (and I do believe that it is amazing!) and sharing that wonder with them, and raising them to be Independent, whole people who change the world for the better - even on some small level. But it isn’t about any of that at all.

It is constantly heartbreaking .And endless and thankless and joyless and boring.

Good god, how boring!

My husband is an amazing partner and an awesome dad and he really seems to love it, and I am so happy and grateful for him. But I am also confused and disappointed and frustrated and sad and profoundly, profoundly guilty because I *hate* this job - and my family (all of them!) deserves someone who loves it.

I wish I **got** it.
Only nine more years.

"Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process..."
- Dr. Yi Suchong, Bioshock

"Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children. Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children - but we pay heavily for them every day. There should not be the slightest communal concern when a woman elects to destroy the life of her thousandth-of-an-ounce embryo. But all society should rise up in alarm when it hears that a baby that is not wanted is about to be born."
- Garrett Hardin

"I feel like there's a message involved here somehow, but then I couldn't stop laughing at all the plotholes, like the part when North Korea has food."
- Youtube commentor referring to a North Korean cartoon.

"Reality is a bitch when it slowly crawls out of your vagina and shits in your lap."
- Reddit comment

"Bitch wants a baby, so we're gonna fuck now. #bareback"
- Cambion

Oh whatever. Abortion doctors are crimestoppers."
- Miss Hannigan
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 25, 2020
Moo wishes there was a special sub-Reddit for women who didn't want kids and had them anyway. I guess r/regretfulparents isn't quite right because it may include people who wanted kids to begin with. What would we call a sub for people who didn't want kids at all and still had them? I vote for r/retardation. I guess this Moo's plan was to try to have a kid with her baby-rabid husband, they would fail after many years of trying and then he'd shut his hole about it and she could continue being childfree after an honest effort. Instead, she got knocked up a year later and wound up with a kid she absolutely does not want.

Seems even the Moos don't grasp this concept because many of the responses clearly show many of these women DID want kids and just hate parenthood, but oh, they totally understand how it feels to not want kids in the first place.

Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 26, 2020
Another food thread about how sick Moo is of cooking meals for her ungrateful asshole family.



I have had it up to HERE with cooking for these motherfuckers

And planning the meals.

And scheduling the meals around my work meetings.

And shopping for the meals.

And putting away all of the ingredients for the meals.

And watching my kids sullenly eat the meals—one nanoparticle at a time—because they’re (sigh) “just OK.”

Or watching my kids refuse to eat the meals at all and getting a goddamn GoGurt instead—one with an entirely-too-happy unicorn on the front, approximately 6,000 grams of sugar inside, and some fake-ass sounding flavor like “berry moonbeam” or whatever the fuck.

And then hearing them whine that they’re hungry in half an hour. Well, no fucking shit.

I'm willing to entertain the possibility that Moo is just a shit cook, and hey there's no shame in that, we aren't all Gordon Ramsay. But if the kids are just spoiled, finicky little shitstains, then let them fend for themselves for fuck's sake! What is so hard about this? If the brats want to eat yogurt for dinner, let them. If they bitch about being hungry, tell them to go make a sandwich or starve. Problem solved. Unless their fingers are broken, they can slap lunch meat on bread or nuke some chicken nuggets.

This sounds like a win-win situation to me. The kids won't have to eat Moo's sub-par slop and Moo won't have to stress over cooking only for her brats to not eat it or complain about it. Who knows, maybe one of the kids could learn to cook. Fuck me sideways, I swear Moos go out of their way to maximize the misery in their lives.

Fucking hell, I'm glad I don't have to worry about making kid-friendly food, only for those kids to turn their noses up at it. I buy my own food and I cook for nobody but me.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 26, 2020
I saw both of those too. I wondered why the one complaining about cooking kept a cupboard full of junk food if she wanted the brats to eat her cooked food. Of course they are going to go for the sugar and salt filled artificial flavors instead of real food because they've gotten their way all their lives. I've seen it first hand with my sister's brats. Holiday meals are torture now.

Why is it so hard to understand that if the shit food isn't there, they can't eat it?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 30, 2020
Boy oh boy, this sure sounds like the life! Moo's two horrible brats scream/fight/cry all day and are so awful that they cause her to break down and cry three separate times as well as trigger a migraine and an IBS flareup from the stress, all in the same day. But ohh, the kids are sorry and tell her they wuv her. Cue the rehearsed "awwwwww" from the audience.

I very seriously doubt the "I love yous" are worth all that bullshit. Them saying it in the first place is likely a learned/trained response because no child that age knows what love is. Odds are they tell her they love her because they've learned that they can act like complete bastards and get away with it as long as they say these words that Mommy seems to like and she's totally buying it because she probably had kids so she would have someone to love her.

Funny, if Moo's spouse engaged in such behavior, it would be considered abusive. If her partner screamed at her and fought with her to the point of tears and then said he loved her afterward, people would call it emotional abuse.


I have two girls age 3 and 1. Since they got up this morning the have been constantly fighting, screaming and crying. Nothing I tried to get them to calm down worked.

After 7 hours, I broke down and started ugly crying. Everything stopped for a moment and my eldest comes up to me and says "Why are you crying mummy?". I tell her I'm upset because I need them to behave and be nice to each other.

They have both only just started saying "Love you mummy" and both of them come up to me, give me kisses, say sorry and love you mummy followed by cuddles. My heart literally melted.

However this happened a further two times after which I developed a migraine and IBS flare up due to the stress. Each followed up by apologies, cuddles and love yous.

Lesson learned - my kids are currently little shits but hearing them say I love you mummy and saying don't cry mummy while wiping away tears makes them my adorable little shits.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 30, 2020
More goodness from the reproductive cesspool. Let me tell you how depressed I am that I don't have a toadler grabbing my nipples constantly.



Look. This doggone child was a nightmare to breastfeed, and we probably didn't regularly breastfeed past 4 weeks. She's 3 now.

I'm anti-bra unless I feel like being fancy without lopsided tits. They just aggravate me so much since getting pregnant, and I was sick of dealing with it.

Once in awhile I'd feel LO feeling me up, and I'd just push her hand down, and it's been no big deal.

I don't know if it's like a primal comfort thing for her or what, but every time she's being carried around, she'll play with my fucking nipples through my shirt.

I've tried really hard not to say anything about it. I just push her hand gently away because it'd definitely become 'a thing' if she knew it bothered me. (Plus, it seems unconscious. She does it while talking or looking at something else) She's been generally boob curious, so I'm hoping it will pass, but UGH!


Well I sure hope Moo teaches her to quit that shit before she goes and grabs a stranger's tits. Moo might accept her child groping her, but others might not be so accommodating. I would not hesitate to slap a child that manhandled me. Her pussified reaction to it isn't gonna do shit. Other Moos chime in saying they push their kids grabby hands away while saying "no thank you." Yeah I'm sure that works real well.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 02, 2020
Cambion, anyone hear of slapping the grubby little shits hands away... a little pain goes a long way. and if it's repeated, most brats will learn that they will hurt if they do x, y, or z.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 03, 2020
Hey, if other methods aren't working then you need another way of getting the message through. Friend's kid went through a biting stage. They tried milder methods to put a stop to it. Those didn't work. Then the next time the kid bit, Friend bit her back and said something to the effect of, "And that's why we don't bite." Biting stage ended right there and then.
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