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Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status

Posted by bell_flower 
Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 02, 2017
I nominate that we make this thread sticky so we can collect these samples.

The short version is, something bad happens to you in America, or you are missing, and you happen to be a parent or chyyyld, the media will pick up your story. But if you fuck up or do something evil, and you are a parent particularly, parental status is not mentioned.

The latest U.S. example is Tad Cummins, the teacher/predator who abducted a 15 year old girl. They were sighted at a Walmart in Oklahoma City and they are on the run.

If Ted Cummins were killed in an accident or missing under otherwise innocent circumstances, the headlines would be all over his parental status, "Grandfather Missing," "Grandfather Dies in Accident."

But in the current situation, since he's a pervert and kidnapper, he's referred to as a "former teacher." You have to dig for the information on his parental status. I found this article that reveals he has been married 30+ years and has "several" children and grandchildren. This guy also sounds like a nasty piece of work who groomed this girl (who has a troubled home life of course) at church and school.

Other samples:

1. Kiersten Cerveny, doctor Mommy to two kyds, found dead in a Chelsea apartment from a cocaine overdose in October 2015. Naturally the headlines do not refer to her as a mommy.

Bratfree discussion here.

2. Sarai Sierra, who was first reported as a "missing mom," in January 2013. After it was determined that she had gone to Turkey to hook up with men and ended up dead, the headlines identified her as a "woman" or a "wife."

Bratfree discussion here

3. Jared Fogle, married father and child diddler who was about to be sentenced in August 2015, is referred to in the media by his name only as "ex-Subway spokesperson." You have to dig to find he's a faaaaaaaather, although there is a story about his wife divorcing him.

Bratfree discussion here

Here's another example where a headline read that a chyyld was found dead in a suitcase; read the story and you found out THREE ADULTS DIED TOO.

bratfree discussion here

Note: the original link in the discussion thread is gone, however it appears to be about this murder trail. Here's another story that discusses the chyld but nobody else:

edited to fix link which wasn't showing up for some reason.

bratfree discussion here
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 02, 2017
I second the vote. I don't know if I've been here long enough to vote, but I agree nonetheless. In fact, if the collection gets large enough it could be turned into a book by one or more members of bratfree. It could be called "Parenting Makes You a Better Person, and Other Media Lies." Maybe formatted as a bingo at the header followed by cases contradicting the bingo.

I have to go to work soon but I will edit my post when I get back and do some research.

Lock him up or put him down.
Stolen from Shiny.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 02, 2017
I would like to contribute with a brand new story:


House of horrors: Inside the tiny den where a monster care worker kept a woman with severe learning difficulties as his sex slave


Sex-mad Keith Baker was a member of social dating site Badoo where he tried to meet women to satisfy his cravings.
He used the soft and cuddly profile name 'Keiffy Bear' to lure women into his trap.
He locked his mentally disabled victim away for years in a tiny room - not allowing her to leave or even see a dentist or doctor.
He filmed dozens of unknown men raping her in the room then 'rewarded' her with boxes of chocolates and sweets if she had been 'good'.

This "monster care worker" - Keith Baker - is actually a Duh!


Both Miss X and Caroline Baker each had four children with Baker.
....Keith and Caroline pleaded guilty to a string of horrific sex offences against the single woman who had been living at the property for nearly a decade.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 02, 2017
So one only need to look at the Daily Fail for today, April 2nd, 2017. Here's a summary of the headlines:

Billionaire university benefactor 'hired a hit man to kill his eldest son because he was angry after being kicked out of the family business' Obviously a Dud, no mention of that in the headlines because he did something evil.

Tornado kills mother and her daughter, 3, as powerful storms hit the South: First victims identified as region braces for high winds, torrential rain and flash floods

(I went looking to see if other people were killed. I'm happy to report that weather.com has more neutral headlines. Their headline reads "At Least 2 Dead After Possible Tornado Touches Down in Louisiana." Further in the story it reads those people were a "mother and child." Not as neutral as "a woman and her child" but a damn sight better than most media coverage.)

Horror as five children, aged six to nine, who were at sleepover are killed in a house fire in South Dakota.

California man arrested for sexually assaulting 13 year old girl and scratching his name into her skin

He's from Palm Desert, CA. Identified everywhere in the headlines as a "man" not sure if this guy is a Dud or not.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 06, 2017
It's not letting me edit my original post. Here is what I found.

Ralph Shortey was a senator from OK who was charged with child prostitution. The article itself does not mention that he has kids. Kids are only mentioned by Shortey, probably in a bid for sympathy, in a quote asking for privacy for his wife and four daughters.

Corey Hutcheson was a sheriffs that handcuff a 77 year old woman "with enough force to cause a heart attack." The first results don't mention children. After some searching, a daily mail article mentions that he lives with his wife and children. Naturally, this bit is the last sentence in the article.

Lock him up or put him down.
Stolen from Shiny.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 08, 2017
and , as I will happily tell you at the drop of a hat, I also hate the proliferation of the "family" term. Tornado??--120 "families" were evacuated. "The families of Our Town" are behind this effort" Etc, etc. As usual, the single and widowed people are, what, left to die in the tornado. Every home, apartment or cardboard box must, of course, be occupied by a damned family??!!
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 10, 2017
I wish the media would stop running stories about women having babies everywhere except in a hospital. Just this morning on MSN there an article about a flight crew delivering a baby on an airplane and a state trooper delivering a baby on a highway. Do people actually want to know about this?

It's kind of like the time here when there was a leak in one of the water reservoirs that could have left Pittsburgh dry but on all 3 stations, it was "Breaking News"!! that some Catholic elementary schools were going the close and the kids go to another school. How is that news at all?
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 10, 2017
They really ought to stop reporting on the idiots who stunt birth because that's giving them exactly what they want: special attention that they can use to one-up the other cows in their circle. If they stop giving media attention for stunt births, then the pregos would not intentionally be in places far away from a hospital or their home birthing centers so close to their due dates.

Plus, any asshole who goes into labor and has to give birth on a flight should be given the bill for the other passengers' inconvenience and the cost of the emergency landing.

"Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process..."
- Dr. Yi Suchong, Bioshock

"Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children. Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children - but we pay heavily for them every day. There should not be the slightest communal concern when a woman elects to destroy the life of her thousandth-of-an-ounce embryo. But all society should rise up in alarm when it hears that a baby that is not wanted is about to be born."
- Garrett Hardin

"I feel like there's a message involved here somehow, but then I couldn't stop laughing at all the plotholes, like the part when North Korea has food."
- Youtube commentor referring to a North Korean cartoon.

"Reality is a bitch when it slowly crawls out of your vagina and shits in your lap."
- Reddit comment

"Bitch wants a baby, so we're gonna fuck now. #bareback"
- Cambion

Oh whatever. Abortion doctors are crimestoppers."
- Miss Hannigan
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 11, 2017
Stupid question: what do women close to the calving date do on an airplane? I remember my friend who was pregnant and she had to schedule a flight to see her parents in her home country, she told me that lots of airlines did not accept women on board after a certain month. And she also did not want to fly after the 7th month because she was afraid of giving birth on the plane. But yeah, common sense is quite rare.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 11, 2017
Speaking of planes, the case of the 69 year old man who was physically removed from a United Airlines flight two days ago is an interesting one.

My first impression is, had this been a Moo, the media would be exploding that the airline removed a Moo from the plane.

As it was, it took no time at all for the media to dig some dirt up on this guy, namely that his medical license was suspended for a decade because he was selling drugs and in at least one case he gave drugs to a patient in exchange for sex. (Maybe someone from United's PR department dug that up?) Of course, that's not particularly relevant to the story.

He's being identified in most headlines as a doctor, although the article above does state that he is a father of five and grand-dud.

The airline says he was kicked off the plane by lottery so members of another flight crew could get to Louisville. The airline offered $1000 for volunteers, then they drew names. Two other people left the flight without incident, but this guy wouldn't move, so he was forcibly removed.

He may have got a raw deal, but when Security is coming to remove you from a plane, you are leaving the plane whether you want to or not.

Here's a pronatalist YouTube video that was uploaded by a TV station with the Breederific Headline;

The passenger who was dragged from an United Airlines flight is 69-year-old grandfather.

Complete with the occupations for his crotch droppings, as if that's relevant.

Big flipping deal
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 12, 2017
What the fuck does the occupation of his parasites have to do with the price of tea in China?
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 17, 2017
Here's an exceedingly typical example:
  • The victim is described as a parent. "The father of nine was shot and killled..."
  • The murder is described using the following terms: man, suspect, killer and male but never 'father', although he is at least a step-duh (couldn't find details on his own kids).
  • Relatives of the murderer describe him as "a really nice guy" who is "generous" and "kind and loving" to his girlfriend and her children.
Re: Our Breederific Media and Reproductive Status
April 23, 2017
A woman in Minnesota says her Fitbit exploded on her arm. She's been on national TV already and here's an on-line sample with a video.

She says her nephew's entire class gets these devices from their teachers. And.........?

And she talks about her injuries and says for added dramatic effect:

"I'm going to have a scar from this probably. Can you imagine what this would do to a child?"

Newsflash: If a chyyyyyld were wearing this and it exploded, the child would get burned just as an adult would. It wouldn't hurt any more or less.

This story didn't even involve a chyyyld getting hurt, but everyone has to drag in the OMG WTF BBQ THIS DEVICE MAY HAVE HURT A CHILD angle.

Is this how low the media have sunk? Yes, it is.
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