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Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices

Posted by twocents 
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
June 26, 2023
Gotta love the veiled threat of "Just wait until you/they have kids!" Sounds like a Moo telling her misbehaving brat, "Just you wait till your father gets home!"

The problem isn't the unchilded friends or their partners inviting Duh out. Sounds like the Duh isn't much of a catch between being drunk all the time and consistently abandoning his knocked up heifer wife to go have fun. I mean I don't blame him, but I think a guy who isn't a total dick shit would turn down the occasional social invitation to stay home with Moo-Wife. But this is assuming that his wife isn't an insufferable cunt, and in fairness, this one does sound like a pain in the ass. Throw in pignasty hormones and I'm sure she is in no way enjoyable company.

Why the fuck would his friends give a shit about the tired fat piggo at home? They probably tell him not to bring her because she's probably annoying and does nothing but bitch, yammer on about how much she wishes she could drink and "can't" and having nothing to talk about aside from her pignasty. Or for all I know, maybe Duh knows she's close to sluicing and is high risk and doesn't want her moving around a lot.

Just based on the bitterness in this post Moo shared, I'd leave her ass at home too. She sounds like she'd be a bitchy buzzkill. I also like the assumption that every single one of those women she's so jealous of are going to get pregnant. Some could be barren, some could be childfree, some may be trans and don't have the internal equipment to create bio-loaves, some may already have kids and they were smart enough to get a sitter. Like I said, the problem isn't the women Duh hangs out with - the problem is Duh. He sounds like the typical man-baby the women over there just love to marry that doesn't give a flying fuck about his wife.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
June 28, 2023
More gold from IRHC on Facebooger.

Just listen to this whiny Dud. And you just KNOW he's probably doing next to nothing for the baybee like most Duds.

What do these morons think will happen after they sprog? I know, they think it will be sunshine and Kodak moments and parental worship, only to find out they are housebound with a money-eating, howling, marriage-wrecking shit-machine.

Pure, delicious Schadenfreude.

Woe is Me!
No one ever tells you how deeply unfulfilling raising a baby is. It breaks you and destroys your soul.

I had a life full of hobbies. Hobbies that would enrich me and challenge me daily. I had a job that I was just starting to be passionate about and excel in. I had a wife that I loved spending time with. We weren’t rich, but used money as a means to enjoy life. Travel. Go out to eat. I would learn and read every day. People would tell me they’re bored and I couldn’t comprehend. If I had five separate lives I wouldn’t be able to fill them with everything I wanted to do.

After the baby, that life disappears. Vanishes. You become a house elf. Your days consist of monotonous tasks. Never ending chores. The same checklist over and over to make sure your baby survives. And you’re sleep deprived. And you’re paying for this experience. And you hear people keep telling you that you’ll get through it eventually.

What they don’t tell you is that a part of your soul dies everyday. Until there’s nothing of your former beautiful soul left.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 02, 2023
Is this some new bullshit spectrum diagnosis? I had to look up what a "PDA child" was since I figured it was not "public display of affection child." It means "pathological demand avoidance child." That sounds like oppositional defiant disorder with an extra syllable.

If these kinds of brats do the precise opposite of what their parents demand, why not ask them to do the opposite so you trick them into doing what you actually want them to do? A lot of Moos in that sub piss and moan about being "touched out" after being manhandled by needy grabby brats all day long, so isn't it a good thing this brat doesn't want physical attention?



What in the sick fucking-cuntery is up with this place. I mean that metaphysically of course.

My mother didn't like me, she wasn't good at hiding it. I don't particularly like my child either as it turns out.

He is a PDA autist and at 2.5 I've honestly run out of fucks to give. He doesn't like any of the shit that parents need from their kids in order to feel some kind of reward for raising the little demons. He doesn't like hugs or kisses. He doesn't particurlarly like eye contact. Doesnt say a single.fucking.word. Is contrary to the point of exhaustion - mine not his. If I want anything from him ever its a hard fast run in the opposite direction.

It just all seems like a cruel sick fucking joke at this point.

After 2.5 years of this relentless shit I can do philosophical cartwheels with the best of them, but I am sick of trying to gas light myself into believing the following shit:

we are only given what we can handle
every piece of mindfulness meditation/buddhist advice about anything at all ever
And like a million other pieces of advice that I have been precariously hopping from as if from stone to stone in a river trying intently to drown me at the tiniest mistep.

I am just so fucking tired all the time.

If you have a PDA child you know. They quite literally will do everything to suck the energy field and life force out of your body into their own to fill whatever fucking gaping hole that they have there.

It sounds deranged. Any rational person would deny this as a possibility and point out quite reasonably that it sounds like the sort of paranoid raving of a matricidal mother, not something that could possibly be true. But let me tell you (and other PDA parents I'm sure you agree) it is true.

Obviously the solution is not matricide. It is a continual, ceaseless, never-ending grinding away at trying to find the balance between connecting with your child and building an energetic fortress around your own inner being to make sure that you quite literally don't get the life sucked entirely out of you.

Anyway, thanks for listening, That is all. I feel better now.

And from an online source about PDA children:


Children and young people with a PDA profile may use a number of strategies in response to demands, for example delay tactics, distraction, shouting, falling to the ground, saying body parts don't work, negotiating, escape, difficult or dangerous behaviour.

That just sounds like a fucking brat throwing a fucking brat tantrum to me.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 02, 2023
Here's a repeat post over on IRHC. The 39 year old with permanent heart damage due to loafing posted again. She says she will go out of her way IF she gets pregnant again.

Why in the name of all things holy is this even an "if?" You can best believe if I found myself with a loaf that almost killed me, I would not have sex ever again until I had a hysterectomy or tubal ligation, particularly in this environment, where Rethugnicans have passed laws where you cannot get an abortion even if having a loaf will kill you.


“I really regret having a baby. I'm 39 and had my first (and last) child last year when I was 38. I waited a long time to have a kid because when I was in my 20s I really didn't like them and after I met my now husband at 32 I became undecided.

I decided to have one because I was almost 40 and figured kids aren't so bad. I was a high risk pregnancy due to my age and other factors and the pregnancy completely wrecked my body. I experienced heart failure and have had heart problems ever since plus now I'm seeing a neurologist for daily headaches and lightheadedness along with balance issues.

It turns out I can have either MS or vasculitis in my brain so I'm getting more testing done. Both are very bad and the neurologist thinks it's from complications from the pregnancy. Every single day I feel like crap and don't have the energy to take care of my infant son but I try to take care of him as best as I can anyway. Also I used to work and be completely independent. I became a stay at home mom and absolutely hate it. It's incredibly boring. Babies are so boring. I am a shadow of my former self and really miss the life I had before I had my son. In particular I miss my health. I never had heart or brain issues before I got pregnant and felt fine. I never even saw a doctor. Now I see doctors almost every week.

And my husband helps but only sometimes. Most of the time the childcare stuff falls on me because he works. And my son can be very difficult. He's always been a terrible sleeper and he cries a lot, more than I think is normal for a baby but what do I know because I've never had a baby before. He's also very clingy with me and wants me to hold him all day long. I can't even leave him in his play pen because the moment I do that he cries so I have to pick him up again. My favorite time is when he finally falls asleep for the night because only then do I get to have a few measly hours to myself. We have a few friends that chose not to have kids and I'm so jealous of them. They go on trips and go out whenever they want. I can't do any of that stuff anymore. We recently tried to take a trip with our son and booked a room for 5 days. We had to leave on day 2 and return home because my son refused to sleep and was fussy all day long. It was a terrible time. I honestly don't know why people choose to have multiple kids. I'm struggling with just the one kid and I definitely do not want more. If I ever get pregnant again I'm going out of my way to have an abortion. Either way another pregnancy could kill me (the last one almost did kill me). I might not even live long enough to see my son grow up so I feel like I gave birth to him just to give him life because there's a good chance I won't be around to see him become an adult. So I really wish I just never had him in the first place. Having children isn't all it's cracked up to be. Like good for people who want them but I certainly am not enjoying being a mom. And I really want to feel normal again like I used to before he was born. I really miss the way things used to be.”
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 02, 2023
Fuck, I didn't know pignasty could cause heart problems. I knew it caused a host of issues, but I didn't know heart failure was among them. Christ, I'm just a couple years younger than this woman and I couldn't imagine having fucking heart failure at my age. I mean I'm not healthy either because I'm obese, but I always thought heart failure was something that happened to much older people.

Also, aren't you supposed to minimize stress if you have heart disease? Yeah, good fucking luck doing that with a brat!

Her reasons for breeding are retarded. Felt the imaginary biological clock ticking and decided, "ehh, whatever." I sure hope it was worth wrecking her heart and her health for this kid. And anyone who says "kids aren't so bad" has clearly not spent very much time around kids. Because kids are horrid, selfish goblins at any age.

I wish so much we could normalize giving kids up for adoption more often. Like yes, it's going to suck for the kids when the people who are supposed to love them don't want them. But what's the alternative? Being raised by people who don't want to be parents who abuse or neglect the kid? PNA? The kid loses either way, so instead of ruining three lives by two people raising a brat they don't really want, why not surrender the kid and just ruin one life? You can't return the kid to sender, but why does the whole family have to get dragged down into the pit of despair? Hopefully they can afford therapy when they get older. Or, better yet, maybe people could put actual THOUGHT into the idea of reproducing before going and doing it. You know, something more substantial than, "I ain't gettin' no younger, guess I'll get knocked up!"

Guessing this Moo lives in a blue state where she can easily access abortion because if she lived somewhere like Texas, it would cost a fortune to travel far enough to legally abort.

Unfortunately for Moo, things will never be normal. Even if she gets rid of the kid and terminates her parental rights and all that, nothing will undo the heart damage caused by incubating the little turd. That is likely going to shorten her life and diminish her quality of life too.

I'll bet she tells people in real life how much she looooooves being a mommy and how woooooorth it it all is. You can have freedom or you can have a child. You can't have both.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 03, 2023
Pregnasty increases a woman's blood volume by 30-40%, so she needs a healthy strong heart to deal with all that and the extra strain on her body. It's also the reason why some women die of previously-undiagnosed aneurysms during pregnasty. The increased blood volume puts a strain on blood vessels, and if you have a weak blood vessel, it can rupture.

This woman wrote that she was healthy prior to pregnancy but then also wrote:


I never had heart or brain issues before I got pregnant and felt fine. I never even saw a doctor.

Which is it, Moo? I smell some double-speak.

Obviously, she doesn't deserve what happened to her, but statistically she was at risk. There is a reason why pregnasties over 35 are considered higher risk. Somebody has to be the bad story, yanno?

It sounds like she was very thoughtless in general. She went on autopilot and followed the Herd, and did not consider the very real effect loafing would have on her life, didn't really factor her age into it. Sounds like she stuck her head in the sand she's really paying for it now.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 03, 2023
cambion, I do not approve of child abuse but sometimes I think there comes a time when these awtards, especially the violent ones, have to be chained to walls, etc. it is difficult to institutionalize these hulks .. and the government programs are nothing but eye candy whitewash. when professionals find it next to impossible to deal with these hulktards, how can a 'normal' family be expected to.

two cents ¢¢


people (especially women) do not give ONE DAMN about what they inflict on children and I defy anyone to prove me wrong

Dysfunctional relationships almost always have a child. The more dysfunctional, the more children.

The selfish wants of adults outweigh the needs of the child.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed, but some mistakes can be 'fixed'.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J. Burke

Adoption agencies have strict criteria (usually). Breeders, whose combined IQ's would barely hit triple digits, have none.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 03, 2023
I think a lot of the problem with these autards is they have been allowed to run wild from the time they are small because people feel sorry for them. Any living creature can learn pain, FAFO and consequences.

It's no wonder a lot of these autards are picking on the weak ones in their family or killing their mothers. If you cannot control them when they are three, there's no hope when they are 30.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 04, 2023
I don't know if autism rates have shot up because of more ease in acquiring a diagnosis or there are just plain more awtards now, and if it's the latter, what's causing more of them? Lousy parenting? Microplastics? Higher number of "geriatric" breeders (over 35)? Undiagnosed awtards getting married and making more awtards? All of the above?

I know years ago, it was rare for a kid to have autism. Well, diagnosed autism. Parents were more likely to beat their kids' asses for acting up, whether it was due to a mental disorder or not. Maybe they just seem more prevalent because parents are much more permissive as far as parenting them, so their behavior is much worse and much more noticeable?

And then we keep coming up with horse shit diagnoses that place kids who are more than likely just fucking brats on the autism spectrum like oppositional defiant disorder and pathological demand avoidance disorder. If a child isn't a perfect little angel, it doesn't mean they have a mental illness. But then we're also talking about the DSM, which I think classified homosexuality as a mental disorder until not all that long ago (1973 I think).

You can't put these tards anywhere like twocents mentioned. There are so many who are absolutely unhinged and dangerous, but since every other family has an uncontrolled nutcase of a child, there's no room in any facility for these whackos. With health insurance and health care being what it is, I'm sure plenty of the legitimately crazy brats go without medication. Nobody wants to teach the little freaks because working with speds can be dangerous, so they get mainstreamed and ruin the educations of dozens of normal students. I'm sure frightened families call the police often because they can't deal with their dangerous tards, and... then what? What happens when the parents die and nobody wants to take in a dangerous retard? They probably wind up homeless. No homeless shelter will keep them if they're crazy and violent either.

Cycling back around, the definition of pathological demand avoidance is "a pattern of behavior in which kids go to extremes to ignore or avoid anything they perceive as a demand." And who exactly is going to smooch the kid's rear when he's an adult and is expected to listen to people in charge? Do people think a cop is going to give up trying to handcuff someone if they say, "I have pathological demand avoidance?" Will the kid be able to sue for wrongful termination if their boss tells them to do something and they say no because of pathological demand avoidance? It sounds like some bullshit way to foster/encourage bad behavior.

Oh, and another name for this "disorder" is "Pervasive Drive for Autonomy." And that PDA "causes someone to avoid demands and expectations for the sole purpose of remaining in control." That sounds like a TYPICAL FUCKING CHILD. Kids will work harder to avoid doing what their parents tell them to do than if they just did whatever was asked of them. Why? Because kids don't want to listen to their parents. It's not a mental illness, it's bad behavior. This will probably be the new ten-dollar word breeders latch onto to excuse their brats' awful behavior.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 04, 2023
From the r/regretfulparents sub. Fencesitter couple - woman wanted kids, man does not - fought a lot about having kids and he finally "caved" (bad idea) and they started doing fertility treatments and barebacking and all that and before he got the snip that the wife disagreed with, she learned she was knocked up. She's excited, he's devastated and will be going to "intense therapy" to cope with his life that's about to be ruined. But oh, he doesn't want to leave because he doesn't want the wife to raise a brat alone. Because obviously a child being raised by someone who doesn't want it is always a recipe for success.

Dude is getting no sympathy because he knew he was CF, let himself get talked into procreating and hates everything now. Some folks suggest a paternity test because it seems too coincidental that she got herself pigged up right before he got snipped. I can kinda get why he stayed - after failed fertility treatments to shut the wife up, he probably figured he was home free.



I'm just here to vent and this will be a long post.

For context my wife (33F) and I (33M) had been on the fence about having children. We had many disagreements in the past because at one point she wanted kids and I didn't and almost ended up divorcing over it (very long story).

At one point about 3 years ago I caved in and we decided to try for a baby, but she just wouldn't get pregnant. We started going to a fertility clinic, did a ton of exams, spent a lot on medicine and tried for about 6 months with no luck. The doctor said everything appeared to be fine but suggested our only option was trying IVF. We decided it wasn't worth the hassle and took it as a sign that we were not meant to be parents.

Fast forward to the present and I decide to schedule a vasectomy just to be sure. My wife wasn't on board with the idea, but we ended up deciding it was for the best. Due to life I was scheduled to get a vasectomy sometime next month. However, in the last couple of weeks my wife had been feeling under the weather, so she decided to go to the doctor just to confirm she was indeed pregnant.

I was devastated when she broke the news. I think I almost fainted. We had made so many plans in the last 6 months that revolved around us being childfree, such as selling our house and getting a smaller apt closer to downtown, switching our car to a convertible, travelling around the world, investing and retiring early, etc.

Even though she was a fence sitter at some point, she always leant towards having a kid so naturally she wants to keep it (abortions are illegal where we live anyways) and is now stoked about being a mom. I, on the other hand, feel like my world is over as I tend to lean more to the childfree side and I was kinda already imagining I would go my whole life without having kids.

I literally feel like a part of me has died as I have no desire to raise a kid and most things about children annoy me (I'm kind of the annoying childfree person). I've lurked this forum on my main account to remind myself about the reasons why I don't want kids and now I realize this will be my reality from now on.

It sucks because my wife wants to be happy about this but knows I'm just miserable and the whole situation is not healthy for anyone involved. She has suggested that we part ways if I'm going to be this unhappy about all this, but I really love her and while we've had our rough patches, I think we've come out stronger than ever and things were going extremely well for us in all aspects of life. Also, I'd feel like a really shitty person leaving my wife to rise a kid on her own.

Sorry for the long post but I really needed to get this out of my system as I haven't even been able to think about telling anyone about this without bursting into tears. I'll be doing intense therapy in the next weeks to navigate this situation and figure out my feelings.
Fuck, I didn't know pignasty could cause heart problems.

There's a commercial for the American Heart Association where a woman details about how she went into pregnancy-related heart failure after giving birth and needed a transplant. The first time I saw that commercial was the first time I learned that pregnancy could do that.

"Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process..."
- Dr. Yi Suchong, Bioshock

"Society does not need more children; but it does need more loved children. Quite literally, we cannot afford unloved children - but we pay heavily for them every day. There should not be the slightest communal concern when a woman elects to destroy the life of her thousandth-of-an-ounce embryo. But all society should rise up in alarm when it hears that a baby that is not wanted is about to be born."
- Garrett Hardin

"I feel like there's a message involved here somehow, but then I couldn't stop laughing at all the plotholes, like the part when North Korea has food."
- Youtube commentor referring to a North Korean cartoon.

"Reality is a bitch when it slowly crawls out of your vagina and shits in your lap."
- Reddit comment

"Bitch wants a baby, so we're gonna fuck now. #bareback"
- Cambion

Oh whatever. Abortion doctors are crimestoppers."
- Miss Hannigan
on a less lethal note, there is also a "cute" commercial for those reusable leak proof undies for adults. The woman is grimacing and shifting around in her chair, and her friend (mom?) says "you can't kegel your way out of this" and the pic shifts to the baby. HA! So "they" are admitting that procreation leads to lifelong leaks and damp underwear. I can't IMAGINE what it must be like to wear those for periods or anything! It just can't be comfortable to have a heavily wet pair pf undies on for hours. And what do people DO when they are at school or work for a long day and the damned things get filled? You would HAVE to have a large zip-loc bag to stash them in and a new pair and a tote bag for both, wouldn't you?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 07, 2023
There are many times I wish the images function worked. I need to stop being so lazy and create an imgur account.

I took a picture when I was at my ob-gyn's office. There was a poster of a thin and attractive woman frolicking on the beach with a caption that read something like, "Your body is amazing! It made a baby!" And then it had information about going to some PT place where the goal was to indeed Kegel someone's way out of a dire situation.

You are not going to Kegel your way of a vagina that has been torn from stem to stern like a snapped rubber band. Surgery is the only way out of that one, and the tissue is just not going to be the same. It's one of the great lies of society and not enough women are honest about what really happens.

I cannot imagine having something growing inside of me and knowing that I would eventually have to push a cantaloupe out of half-dollar sized hole.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 07, 2023
Moo is moaning to her fellow bovines about how her precious dumpling was assaulted by a hulkatard at the playground. It seems that "he's autistic" wasn't a satisfactory excuse for the man-sized teenage awtard to shove a toadler off a platform five feet up.

Funny, I'd bet if the situation was the opposite and this Moo had a huge tard that shoved someone else's brat on the playground, they'd be telling the other parent to excuse the behavior because "he has autism!" But when it's a "bromo" whose brat is harmed by a tard, then all of a sudden it's a problem.

However, I do agree that it's a fucking awful idea to bring a 200-pound teenage awtard to a playground. Even if he has the mind of a three-year-old, someone that big, that strong and that horny is a walking lawsuit. Moo is indeed very lucky her kid didn't wind up with a broken neck or leg. I know five feet isn't a super long fall, but you can still wind up seriously injured from a short fall if you land the wrong way.



Edit: I filed a report. I’m quite tied up in knots about it. I know there is literally no way our courts will ever press charges or allow charges to be pressed, much less find him guilty. That is the last thing I want, I just want him to have proper care and adequate staffing if he needs 2:1 or more and as I’ve had it explained to me, it needs to be properly documented that he’s done this for it to be taken into account. I feel awful for my daughter and worried for him because I don’t want anything bad to happen to him, but I am just so upset at the caregiver for thinking it was correct to bring him to a park for small children when she clearly knew he has issues with violence.

I have no idea what to flair this. I’m extremely shaken up and distraught.

Today at the park a mum/caregiver with teenage autistic boy (although he was the size of a grown man) violently shoved my toddler off of a 4-5 foot high structure when she was upset and trying to get down. I am just so incredibly upset. His carer just inundated me immediately with saying ‘He’s autistic! He’s autistic! I’m sorry, he is too rough when he tries to help!’ and all I could do was snap back ‘OKAY OKAY OKAY!!’ In a frustrated and upset tone at her. My daughter has a black eye and is really upset and traumatized and I just do not understand the choice to bring your 200lb, 5’10” teen who has at least somewhat of pattern of hurting people when he tries to help them into a situation to help a toddler. Much less the logistics of bringing someone prone to acting out in a (intentionally or unintentionally) violent way to a park with kids that he could very severely injure. It just feels so neglectful and now I’m sitting here trying to explain to my child who doesn’t grasp these things why a grown man (in her eyes) came and basically assaulted her and none of the adults really reacted in a way that was appropriate.

Am I missing something major here? Please don’t completely annihilate me if I am, I feel like I am just gaslighting myself into believing that this situation is just normal or something but I’m just so upset not even at the boy but at this boys caregiver. I don’t even know. I keep crying about this for her. I’m just really really upset. I don’t know if my reaction to her, or my currently processing/conclusions is in any way correctly. I am feeling so fraught it’s making me sick think about.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 09, 2023
Whyyyy do my kids only do shit when I get mad and punish them for not doing shit??!

Probably because there are no consequences when they choose not to listen the first five million times you ask them, Moo. If "it's always the same formula" and it's not working, then why are you not changing the formula? Sounds to me like their spoiled asses have forfeited the right to being asked nicely.

Here's a better formula: TELL them to do shit, don't ask them. That's your first mistake. If they refuse, do not warn them of the consequences of not listening, just carry out the consequences because they've been through this song and dance enough to know that not listening results in consequences. When they start bitching about it, you keep giving more consequences and when they start screaming and stomping, you start disciplining them. If they get spanked every single time they start their whining and lose all privileges and are forced to earn them back by listening the first fucking time they're told to do something, I'd wager they'll start listening.

Allow for natural consequences too. The little shits don't want to come to breakfast or eat dinner? Fine, let them starve. No hair brushing? Fine, let it become a rat's nest and when it becomes one big dreadlock, shave it all off. Don't want to bathe? Fine, let them become stanky and let their classmates pick on them about how bad they stink. Don't want to brush their teeth? Cool, be sure they don't get novocaine at the dentist when they get cavities filled because novocaine is only for good kids who listen. Be sure to remind them that those consequences are 100 percent their fault too. No yelling required.



Kids are eight and ten. For the past few weeks, and it’s gaining momentum, there has been resistance about every goddamn thing.

Eat dinner? NO. Brush teeth? NO. Have a bath? OH HELL NO.

They will literally lie in bed with one eyeball peering out at me and shout “NO!” when I tell them to come have breakfast. Or brush their hair. Or do any of the very basic, very daily, very minor tasks that litter our everyday lives.

And it’s always the same formula. I ask nicely. Then I ask firmly. Then I ask with mention of a consequence if they don’t do it now. Then I tell them to do it and impose the consequence. They explode. I yell. They cry and finally, finally, do the fucking task, stomping and griping the whole time.

Not just once in a while. Every day. Multiple times a day. It’s like the only thing that will actually motivate them is my anger.

Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 12, 2023
Re: the moo with the daughter who was assaulted by the autist - I’m fully on the moo’s side on this one. I’m glad she made a report. When I was a elementary teacher, district office was perfectly OK with spec ed students assaulting regular students under the guise of “mainstreaming.” God help the teacher who tried to discipline one of these special darlings for smacking around their classmates - that just doesn’t look good and it would draw the ire of administration down upon you. You were obviously a bad teacher if you were not being respectful of Tardley’s special needs! It was especially acceptable if it was a little boy slapping little girls around, because then the idea of “boys will be boys” also applied. The only way something would be done about the behavior was if the parents of other students complained, so it became a game of how to encourage other parents to complain without making it obvious that you were trying to get them to complain.

"Not every ejaculation deserves a name" - George Carlin
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 15, 2023
What an entitled bitch from the IRHC Facebook page.


“I don’t regret having my 3 daughters but I have raised them all alone with no help from the fathers or family. Being a SINGLE PARENT is one of the hardest things in the world. I was married with my first two kids and still was a single parent during the marriage and after my divorce. But as they get older it’s a lot easier. Now I’m just raising the twelve 12 old alone. I see my middle daughter who’s in her twenties with two children boys and the father is always making excuses to not be there and support her. He doesn’t even provide emotionally or financially. I always tell my daughter don’t have any more kids because just like it held me back in life it’s holding her back as well. I really feel bad for her. I would also tell women to tell other women to STOP birthing children because it’s been the norm all way back in the 60’s and 70’s for women to be single parents and the father just gets to walk away with out a care in the world. I think more needs to be done to help single parents out in the world. Maybe centers can be open all around the world whereby single parents can bring their kids to for a few hours a week to just breathe and get a break maybe get a pedicure medicure and go to the hair salon. I’m hoping with other single parents to look into doing something to help single parents out one day.”

Bitch, how about helping yourself by not having kids with LOSER MEN? Or not having them at all.

And there are people who watch your kids while you go out--they are babysitters and you have to pay for them. Nobody is throwing childfree people handfuls of money--in fact, we are subsidizing your lifestyle through taxes.

Speaking of taxes, we already provide free babysitting in the form of kindergarten and SCHOOLS.

You're welcome.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 16, 2023
Moos don't like when awtards insult their awtards. This kid isn't even 18 yet and at least one of comments are basically doing the whole "you were a child once too!" thing. I'm sure what the teen awtard said was rude, but I like the cut of his jib. Even the tard can see that kids suck.

Moo wants to know how to handle it. Don't visit family if you don't like how they treat your kid? Why would you intentionally subject your child to someone who you know very clearly does not like her and goes out of their way to be mean to her?

People ask why the kid's parents don't correct the behavior. I'm guessing they don't because he's autistic and figure it's out of their control, so business as usual for most awtard wranglers.



How do you handle ugly things being said about your child by someone with autism?

My 4yo has so much energy. She hasn’t been officially diagnosed but I’m pretty sure she has ADHD. When we go to visit family the main place is my aunt’s house. She has an almost 18yo son who was initially diagnosed with Asperger’s back before that term was considered outdated. He does not like children and will be mean to her but also say ugly things. Today he was asked if he was joining us for dinner and he said “only if you have cyanide tablets for her.” He then later looked at me and said “and you’re going to have another one? You poor soul.” (I’m 35 weeks pregnant)

I hate visiting family because he always says ugly things and is just plain mean to her. Are my pregnancy hormones just raging or are my tears legitimate? How do I handle this?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 17, 2023
Not to change the subject here, but has anybody seen the stepparents sub? It's a gold mine of blended family mess. It's reason #1726532437 to never have kids.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 18, 2023
Ohh yes, that's another trainwreck goldmine. Just finished reading a fucked up anecdote there about a woman dealing with her husband's nutcase of an ex (with 10 KIDS from multiple partners) that stalks and harasses her ex-husband and her current family, blowing up the ex's phone, screaming outside their home at ass o'clock in the morning, uses the brats as weapons when she doesn't get her way, lied about being pregnant so her ex would go bareback with her and then got pregnant for real, tells the kids Daddy doesn't want them anymore so they'll be weapons-grade clingy when they get sent over (also the kids are fucking assholes), it's a real shit show.

So it's not just dealing with some other fuckface's brats as a step-parent - sometimes it's dealing with whacko baby-mommas/baby-daddies too. I don't know what the acronyms in that sub mean, but if she thinks for a second that she'll be able to establish boundaries with either these fucked up kids or the fucked up ex, boy is she gonna be in for a world of disappointment.



There is SO much context within this, but to sum it all up, and I’m paraphrasing the situation A LOT here.. we are dealing with a very unstable BM who is terrorizing our lives. SO (35m) has 2 young children with her (5m and almost 2f) who came about under very deceptive circumstances. Again, long story, but I can elaborate in comments. We also have an ours (~8 months) and another on the way early next year.

BM has had a VERY unhealthy obsession with my SO since they met. He was in his “bachelor stage” in life and she lied about falling pregnant when he wanted to cut things off with her. How she eventually ended up pregnant anyway falls under the above deception I mentioned. Anyway, not knowing it was a lie he tried to “do the right thing” by helping provide and giving her a place to stay solely because of the child, because if not for him she would be on the streets and would have no problem dragging the kid(s) along with her. For the past almost 6 years she has refused to work. So, he was very much stuck in that situation. Still is, financially he has to help her so much that I take on 80% of the expenses in our home.

When he eventually met me and told her about me, she didn’t take his relationship with me well at all, even though they had not ever been together. Ever since, it’s been her life mission to cause us misery and turmoil. She will show up any day and any time with the kids, pounding on the door yelling and screaming, sometimes at unholy hours- I mean 2am, 3am, late night, whatever. She will blow up his phone any and all hours of the day on a daily basis causing drama over any little thing. Sometimes it’s very psychotic, going off about how he “left his kids” even though we have them more than half the week. The kids live in filth, there is garbage in bags in the house, on the porch, maggots in the sink, rotten food in the fridge.. stuff like that. The kids NEVER sleep, they are hardly supervised so it is hell on earth when they’re over at our house. They are messy, up all night, scream and cry and whine all day long, sleep very little and very behaviorally troubled. Our house is constantly trashed the days they come over.

I have tried everything to get him to set some boundaries- at the extreme go to court, at the least stick to the days we get them and cut off contact with her during those days unless there is an emergency so we don’t have to deal with all the drama. I haven’t had much luck with that, because if he tries to minimize contact she will just show up at our house, screaming and causing a scene, and none of it makes any sense. She just comes over with claims he’s abandoning his kids for another woman (we have them more than she does) that he’s a terrible person because the kids cry for him all the time (probably because their home life with her is nothing but turmoil) saying horrible things about me, purposely losing jobs or saying she has no electricity, car trouble, literally anything to have his constant attention, guilt and support.

If he fails to give her the attention she seeks, she uses the children as weapons. Threatens to quit whatever job she has at the time, keeps the kids away, threatens to call the police, all kinds of crazy stuff.

When our baby was born, she dropped the kids off the moment we left the hospital and never came back for them my entire maternity leave. She purposely wanted to make sure he had no time to bond with the baby. They also had Covid which she knew, so our newborn baby and I were sick with Covid for an entire month, which killed my breast milk supply. She tells the kids that daddy has a new baby and a girlfriend and you guys don’t mean anything to him, so now when they are here they are SOO clingy, he can’t spend any time with me or the baby because the kids will scream and cry and jump all over him any moment they don’t have his undivided attention. We basically have to live separate lives in separate rooms of the house because of this.

I feel bad for these kids, it’s all very unhealthy for them, but my goodness.. the stress and frustration this all brings has me at my wits end. We can’t even try to give them stability on the days we have them, because even on those days it is ALL about her and constant damage control. Anything I say now he takes very offensively, like my trying to set boundaries is going to cause him to lose his kids and make things worse for all of us. if he goes to court, she will full on give up on them and there is no way we can have them full time. That much is true, we can’t afford day care for multiple children and we both HAVE to work.

I really don’t know what to do here. I guess I just have to deal with this and hope she eventually gets tired and goes away? That doesn’t seem likely though, and the imbalance it creates in our life is unbearable. I feel like I am doing it alone, while he is still very much stuck in the past only able to focus on her and their kids. I sympathize for him, but I would do anything for it all to stop. Any advice here?
OOHH, pick me! Pick me! *I* have advice for this idiot woman> Abort the oon-to-be-second kid with this loser right away! Then take the * months +/- kid" and run away FAST!!
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 18, 2023
Can this woman not do simple math? She has an 8 month old kid and BabyMama has a 5 month old kid from the same guy. That means you are with a cheater, plain and simple.

Gawd, these women.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 19, 2023
Moo is worried about climate change, but still went ahead and did the worst possible thing for the environment by making more people. Sorry Moo, you don't get to be scared for the future of the planet when you intentionally did shit to pollute it further with little resource suckers.



I struggle with anxiety and tend to “fawn” as a response so I may sound worthless and dramatic throughout this post. I’m trying to do little changes to be better but big things are already happening and it feels like it’s too late. I’ll still recycle but what’s the point if it’s methane from the cows or a million cars on the road at anytime? Our kids deserved better and part of me just wants to stick my head in the sand about it all just so I can get through the day. I’m going to counseling to work on my generalized anxiety but I’m hoping to hear from parents who are scared as well. Maybe you also have parents/in-laws that are climate deniers and just do the worst things for the environment and you want to stab them.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
July 28, 2023
Moo and Duh don't want more kids, but "Gawd had other plans" and Moo is up the duff at 40. Needs reassurance from her fellow bovines that being pigged up at her age is okay because she needs validation to have this kid neither she nor her husband wants.

If she's a God-fearin' woman moron, I assume she won't consider the intelligent choice and terminate. I know 40 is by no means old, but by obstetric standards, it is considered geriatric and carries more risks. I can't even ask if she realizes she'll be almost 60 (and her husband 73) by the time the kid is 18 because that's no longer a milestone to look forward to. Kids don't move out at 18 anymore because they can't afford to, so they'll probably have to postpone retirement to take care of an additional sprog.

I think I'm more bothered by her keeping an obviously unwanted child than I am by her age. And just because all these other Moos had terrific pregnasties in their late 30s and 40s is no guarantee that this Moo will have the same experience. Plus more than one of them says they did it, but if they could go back and have a do-over, they wouldn't do it because it's more difficult being pregnant in middle age.



So I took a test July 10. And probably 8 tests after because I didn't believe it and my period was not even late yet.

All positive. I have a Dr appointment for next Monday the 31st.

My first reaction, and my husband's, was not good. We didn't want any more kids and felt our only was our family.

God had other plans.

I turn 40 next week. My husband will be 55 when baby is born. Our son is almost 4, so not a giant age gap.

But y'all.... I'm middle aged!!! How can this be??

If you're an older parent, or your spouse is older, please share stories!
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
August 01, 2023
Do Moos miss their sproggen when they're out of the house for a few days, like at Meemaw and Peepaw's house? The majority says no. Lots of, "I luuuuuurrrve my kids, but I don't miss them when they're gone" because Moo and/or Duh get time to themselves to do adult things or take care of chores they couldn't accomplish with screeching crotch goblins in the house.

I wouldn't say these breeders are monsters, but it sounds like they probably should have thought harder about breeding before doing it. Clearly they missed the memo that becoming a parent means you do NOT get breaks from your damn kids at least until they go to kindergarten.

I do think that even being around someone you love, you need breaks from them to just do your own thing. The thing that probably makes most people love the people they love is the occasional distance between them. Breeders have to be around their kids every second of every day, so that's probably why they don't miss them when they're away. That, or they don't love them as much as they claim. I mean just look at the mommies who quite literally jump for joy on the first day of school because they get to get the fuck away from the kids for a few hours every day.



If your kids leave to go to, say, grandpas hoise for a week, do you miss them? Do you call them every day? Do you look forward to that call?

My sister's two girls are going to granpa's for a week and my sister mentioned she was going to miss her girls. Meanwhile when my kids went to grandpa's for a week in June it was like a party for me and my husband. We had so much fun. We only spoke on the phone with them a few times that whole week. Neither party (kids or us parents) really wanted to talk on the phone.

My kids are 8 and 10

Are my husband and I monsters?
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