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Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices

Posted by twocents 
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 15, 2023
I automatically think less of these men who throw money at OnlyFans girls.

But if you pay them, they'll diddle themselves JUST FOR YOU!

True, but is it really "just for you" when these ladies say the exact same thing to their thousands of other fans? I mean good for them for making money off these horny idiots. I still admire the hell out of Belle Delphine for managing to make a fortune off dumbass men by selling jars of her bath water to them.

But who the fuck pays for porn? With a little imagination, you can pretend any cam girl is doing stuff "just for you" and save yourself money.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 15, 2023

But who the fuck pays for porn? With a little imagination, you can pretend any cam girl is doing stuff "just for you" and save yourself money.

A Catholic church in our area had a scandal a few years back where the priests were watching premium porn in the rectory and using parish funds to pay for it.

So the answer would be Catholic priests.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 16, 2023
More gold from Reddit.

WTF? This woman needed therapy before she had a kid. I feel for her because she was sexually abused. The Dud says she's in therapy but she needs some more. I mean, did they ever discuss this? How is the Dud supposed to dress or bathe his child?


My wife is a SAHM. We have a 5 week old daughter. My wife was putting on her clothes after showering and our daughter pooped so I brought her to the changing table and my wife yelled to the other room so I can hear her “I’ll change her diaper now just give me a sec” and I was already starting to change her diaper and my wife was like “nooooo let me do it” and I said I’m already changing her it’s okay and she said “no it’s weird” and she told me I’m making her uncomfortable so I stopped I didn’t wanna keep upsetting her and I let my wife change her diaper. She apologized after our daughter was changed and she basically told me that she doesn’t think any man should be around female naked babies even if you’re the father

This next one is technically her body her choice, but why she doesn't want an abortion is beyond me. Cannot support herself, still in school and the father doesn't give a rat's ass about her. At best, she will have to sue him for child support. At worst, he'll try to harm her and fix his little problem.


My ex and I met during my senior year of high school and dated for roughly two years. During this time period a lot of things came to light. He started a new relationship and lied about it, still denies it to this day. I recently found out I’m pregnant and I’m now two months into the pregnancy. He wants me to get an abortion, but I don’t want one. I’ve told him since the beginning that I would personally never get an abortion. He is the only person I’ve been sexually active with so there’s zero doubt that it is his child. Now his mother is saying I should listen to how he feels and get the abortion. I’ve told them both that I do not want an abortion and that I will be seeking child support. He hasn’t spoken to me since last week when we had this argument and he told me he doesn’t want to be with me. I’m hoping he comes around and helps co parent his child. I’m finishing my senior year of college and I’m expected to give birth in April and graduate school in May. This situation has made my depression worsen and I’m not sure what to do moving forward. This situation feels entirely unfair because he said that if I got pregnant he would be excited to be a father and now he’s abandoning me. What should I do moving forward? Am I wrong for not wanting an abortion? Is there any chance he will change his mind closer to when the baby arrives?

This last one is really the piece de resistance. I read so many of these stories and I weep for humanity. Why the fuck would anyone think a girl (I use the term deliberately because she's barely legal) would be a decent parent when she's 20 years old?

Twenty year old people should be figuring out what they want to do with their lives, GROWING UP and not having stupid fights with their 22 year old "husband," who is also immature AF and a Mama's boy with a limp dick. But hey, he's 22 years old. He should just be allowed to be a clueless single guy who needs to grow up.

Neither of these brain trusts has any business becoming parents.

And get a load of the mother in law! They are already arguing over the MIL's insistence to cover the fresh loaf with kisses? using a flamethrower two faces puking two faces puking two faces puking two faces puking

And Grandmoo wants to do it too? Have these idiots never heard of COVID or RSV? (Or herpes?)

I've obviously never had a loaf but even I know baybees have no immune systems. The 20 year old says they are all unvaccinated. She's actually the only one who has any sense in this situation. And her brain trust of a husband is looking for "statistics" why they should be allowed to slobber all over a baybee with no immune system? Good luck with that.

But generally this is completely depressing. This kid has no chance. The Moo2Be updated the thread to say she also has gestational diabetes and her in-laws are harassing her because she doesn't look "pregnant enough" and they think she's starving the baybee. Oy.

Naturally I had to break this into paragraphs because illiteracy.


I f(20) and husband m(22) have been getting in a lot of fights. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I have rules for when the baby comes. No kissing, and no pictures of the baby posted online. I also wanted to not have visitors for the first two weeks, which was denied because " its not fair for everyone else".

My husband had a talk with mil and fil and a huge dispute happen. My mil was not happy with the no kissing rule because she said "She loves having babies on her chest and kissing them". My husband tried to enforce the rule but she was very upset. He came to me and told me to allow her to kiss the baby on the head and I said no kissing a new born because of disses and germs. He told me I need to make a compromise and give that up to make his mom happy. I don't want to because people can't simply understand that kissing a newborn in dangerous.

He tried doing a lot of math and statistics to show me its not a big deal, and how unlikely the baby is to get sick. He told me I am being absurd and controlling and since other people will follow my other rules then I should allow his mom and grandma to kiss the baby. To which I said no still and it's not negotiable, because they can all wait. Then I exploded when he told me that he invited them to come up 2 hours after the baby was born. Because acording to him that is all I need to recover. I don't want people there right away because I will be in pain, bleeding, and still dirty in a gown. Not to mention that there will be people coming in to look at my private parts often after giving birth. I feel like the hospital should be my safe space to recover and bond with the baby, and that the decision to invite people when I am ready is up to me not to him. He said that it is his baby too and it's not all about me. His mom is also very pushy and manipulative to the point where she told him that she wouldn't come meet the baby if she could not kiss it. She has also made comments that attacked me about my body size and the babies size. She has also claimed the baby as "My baby". She is just notorious for not following rules and doing whatever she wants.So am I the a-hole for not wanting people there right away and kissing my baby?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 20, 2023
I can sort of understand why the one Moo has the mindset of men shouldn't see/handle female children because of her past sexual abuse. Not saying it's a rational thought process, but I can see why she holds those feelings. She needs to get more therapy for this shit, though. Because before long, she will be alienating her daughter from her father entirely because she thinks all men are sexual abusers. I'm sure she'll already do her best to keep her daughter away from boys her own age, but this could easily balloon into a ruined relationship with her father if she pushes the mindset on her kid that anyone with a penis is a monster.

As far as the woman who won't abort, I do kind of wonder why the idiot boyfriend said he would be excited to be a father if she got pregnant, and now that she's pregnant, he leaves her. Maybe he told her that to try and keep her around, but now that he's got another woman, he's probably not all that excited about his old one being up the duff because pesky things like child support could come back to haunt him and interfere with future relationships.

I'll answer her question for her, though: No. No, honey, he won't come around to it once it's born. No man ever comes around to an unwanted child. There are a lot of men who don't even come around to wanted children. He told you to flush the clump out and you exercised your choice to stay pregnant, so now he is exercising his choice to not be a father.

And as far as the third trainwreck, it sounds to me like Duh has probably been manipulated by his mommy his whole life and doesn't know how to say no to her, so he is taking Mommy's side and not backing his wife up. Babies have non-existant immune systems, it's why you're told to not take them ANYWHERE for like the first six weeks of their lives. Duh can shove his statistics up his ass - if the person who just crapped the child out says nobody is allowed to kiss the loaf for a little while, then nobody's allowed to put their mouth on the kid. It's not like she's being paranoid and selfish - it's for the child's safety.

Considering the MIL has decided that the loaf is her child, the actual Moo would be wise to ban MIL from seeing the kid without supervision. She sounds like she has an unhealthy attachment to her grandchild and she's probably already trying to figure out how she can raise the baby with her spineless son and get the author out of the picture by driving her and her husband apart.

I guarantee these two will be divorced within two years. The MIL is very toxic and controlling and Duh is perfectly content to be her puppet.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 20, 2023
Moo claims her brat physically assaults her every couple of hours when she is awake. Biting, scratching, throwing things, hair pulling. She says they're on a list for some kind of parent coaching/therapy.

The better question is WHY is she allowing her child to hurt her?? Does she realize that the more she lets her abusive asshole child hurt her, the more the brat will think this shit is okay to do? Is Moo prepared for the consequences of not teaching her kid to not bite and scratch? Does she want to have to have her teachers call home every single day because the fucker bit several classmates and clocked a teacher in the head with her shoes? Does she want to have the kid thrown out of daycare or have babysitters quit because the kid hurts people on purpose?

Sounds like the kid has minimal consequences for her behavior - occasional time out, not getting dessert or not being allowed to watch TV. Ohhh the horror! eye rolling smiley I can't imagine being a grown-ass adult letting a fucking four-year-old abuse me. And just wait until she gets older and can hit harder. Moo thinks it's bad now, try being on the receiving end of a physically abusive teenager's rage.

Oh, but according to Moo, she is super smart and highly empathetic. Mmhmm, sure she is. Is that why she chucked a full cup at your head? Keep telling yourself she has empathy.

Of course the first fucking response is "durr hurr iz chyuld autiztick?!" Not every fucking brat is an awtard. Sometimes they are just fucking brats. Instead of blowing a fortune on therapy, how's about you smack the kid's ass every single time she does something abusive? I bet she'll knock that shit off in a hot minute if she knows there will be consequences to her actions.

Apparently the kid can't be in time out alone either because of "huge emotions" and "abandoning" her with her big emotions in time out doesn't teach her how to regulate those emotions and will foster distrust in her parents. Huh?? The hell does that even mean? I wonder if Moo is afraid to slap the brat's ass because she's adopted. Just because she's adopted doesn't mean she shouldn't experience discipline and consequences.



I keep a running clock in my head of how many hours it’s been since my 4 year old has physically assaulted me. I rarely make it past 1-2 hours unless she’s sleeping. It’s been like this for months.
I’m starting to feel like a battered spouse. Like it’s all my fault and I’m worthless and I don’t deserve to live. I truly wonder if she hates me.
I feel like I’m doing the right things. I’m giving choices, I’m being fun, silly mommy. I bake with her. Buy her toys. Do art. I’m playing the “if I close my eyes, will you magically get dressed??” game. And she scratches me for not letting her turn on an empty dishwasher. Throws a cup at me for asking her to get dressed. Pulls my hair for not letting her run into traffic. Bites me for laying next to her during story time.
We’re on a list for parent coaching/child therapy but it’s been months and I’m so far beyond my breaking point. I don’t know what I need, but it’s not this.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 20, 2023
I found another one over at Reddit. The Moo was losing her shit because her "partner" with whom she has two kids used a belt on one of the kids and she's apparently going to leave him over it.

I do not condone beating kids. There is a difference between beating kids and giving them a swat on the butt. Ideally you don't have to get to that point if you ENFORCE consequences, but as I was reading through this story I realized: 1. the girl child in question is an unmitigated brat. 2. she would try my patience mightily. 3. Moo has jelly for a spine and is not enforcing consequences and that's why the kid keeps misbehaving, because she knows she can get away with it. Moo identifies the girl as being in elementary school, so that means she could be as old as 10. At any rate, she's way too old to be acting this way.

I don't necessarily condone what the Dud did, but surprise! even Moo says the girl brat is listening to the Dud and behaving for the Dud. (I wonder why?)


Second, background. We've been together for... Nearly 15 years. Not married. But the kids are biologically his. We have two in elementary. To be 100% transparent, our daughter has created so many issues over the years. We installed door chimes when she was 3 because she would just macgiver her way out of the house. She has issues regulating her emotions and compulsions (which she is in counseling and medicated for). She constantly disobeys. She tries to act like she's the parent (our son does too, maybe our parenting is fucked up in that way... Any other/all the ways, but I'm trying!). And more.

I picked her up from school, and the weather is shit. It was sprinkling with forecast of heavy rain. I told her she couldn't play outside with her friends today and to do her chore (unloading the dishwasher). Instead, she headed outside. She's not the brightest when disobeying, (editor's note: actually I think she's pretty bright--she's got Moo figured out.) so I immediately called her back inside. I told her again to do her chore (we already went over her school day, behavior chart, homework), and we'd need to discuss her "sneaking" outside with her dad/ my partner when he got home from work. (This right here tells you Moo is ineffective. Why doesn't she enforce some consequences instead of doing the old 'wait until I tell your dad' routine.)

She starts bawling. I feel like shit now, because I ignored the reaction and just told her to do her chore. She normally feels remorseful after something like this, so I ignored it. Like, yeah, you should feel bad that you'll be punished for doing something you shouldn't. (Of course the brat is going to be upset for getting in trouble--Jeez his mom is a wimp.)

My partner had a longer day at work than usual, because there was an office party for someone retiring. Our daughter cut her finger on a plate while unloading the dishwasher, so we cleaned it up and put a (magic) bandaid on it. I told her to take a break and have a snack and then finish putting the dishes away. Of course, she fucked off again after her snack and I had to remind her about her chore. It's putting away clean dishes ffs! And she starts panicking about getting "whipped with the belt again."

My world stopped spinning. Everything froze. I just focused on her face. Fucking "whipped"?! I asked her about what she was hit with, the color, etc. I already accepted her word, but I wanted every single piece of information so I could confront my partner.

Omfg. Honestly, I'm hollow. I'm so fucked up for letting this happen to her. Apparently, she was up late eating and drinking in her room (another rule violation) and my partner fucking beat her with a belt! I had the shit beat out of me when I was a child. But never with a belt! I'm sick to my stomach that this happened to her. It will never happen again. He had to leave her room to retrieve the belt and then beat her with it.

Despite my resolve to just wait to speak to my therapist in order to confront him, when he got home I dragged him into our room and asked him about it. He didn't deny it! When I told him it was fucked up, he had the audacity to ask how else he was supposed to deal with her! The fucking fuck?? Idk, maybe not fucking beat her?!

I contacted my therapist for an appt ASAP. I'm not sure how to adequately maneuver a separation under these circumstances. I can pay six months up front for a local apartment or Airbnb. After that, I want to leave the state. I've never been attached to this place. It's great and all, but it's too white and conservative (I don't think it's important, but I'm white and liberal. We live in a northern state, in a mostly white area that occasionally flies the Confederate flag. Because apparently they're so racist that they can't educate themselves enough to learn about which states supported what during a civil war that took place 150 years ago. That's it I'm done bitching about this white trash ignorant bullshit. I lied. Our state was part of the Union. Not even a border state. Fcs.). I'm not sure how custody or child support will work, but at this point I don't expect much push back for either issue.

I've been typing on this post over hours. When putting my kids to bed, I asked my son if he's afraid of his dad (literally I asked, "does Daddy scare you sometimes?"). He said yeah. No hesitation. No emotion. Just yeah. When I asked why, he said because of the way he yells at him when he's angry. Dude, like seriously?? Where TF have I been? I always call him out on his shit when he's being mean or unfair to the kids. I tell him to apologize when he's fucked up. Is he saving most of his vitriol for when I'm not around? I mean, I went to bed early last night. I never heard anything.

I'm going to move somewhere far, far away. I don't think he'd even want custody of his kids. It's fine by me. I know I can give them a good life (apparently, a better life) on my own. I'm just fucked all over about how to get there. Any perspective, advice, suggestions, anecdotes, etc are welcome. These dickhead (but absolutely loved) kids deserve the best, despite how much of a pain in the ass they are. I want them to have it and know that they deserve it. So thanks ahead of time!

I do not condone regular beatings for a kid, but if the Dud smacked her with a belt one time and he didn't leave a mark, maybe it was because he got sick of the kid never listening to him. I wonder if that was the case because he said, what else am I supposed to do with her?

The boychild is afraid of the Dud "sometimes" because he raises his voice at the kid. Big whoop. So now Moo is going to take the kids away from him.

Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 20, 2023
If discipline was properly and effectively used on this kid before she became a brat, there's a good chance that none of this would've escalated to her duh using a belt. Gentle discipline (ugh) doesn't work because the kid gets away with so much and for so long, eventually most parents lose their shit and end up doing things like this.

I don't condone hitting kids with belts. I don't think a weapon is ever necessary when spanking or disciplining. However, I kind of understand that this guy was probably at his limit and this was the final straw.

This is partially moo's fault because she should've been training her kid properly from a much earlier age.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 21, 2023
I'm with you guys. There's a difference between smacking a kid on the ass and straight-up beating them. I'm guessing Moo and Duh did not discuss parenting methods or discipline and have been operating on different wavelengths the whole time. But you can't deny which method got results: the brat ignores Moo because she knows there won't be any consequences. But she probably listens to Duh because she knows she'll get her ass beat if she doesn't.

Maybe Duh grew up getting disciplined with Daddy's belt and that's all he knows, but I lay the blame for this on Moo as well. If she didn't let her kid get away with everything, maybe she'd be better at listening and Duh wouldn't have been pushed to his limits with her behavior. I mean what's the incentive to behave when the consequences of breaking all the rules is nothing?

It's possible Duh could have anger issues as well, I have no idea. It's just speculation. Also, where was the Moo when Duh was beating his daughter's ass with a belt? Surely she was screaming and crying. Unless Moo wasn't home, how could she not hear this? She did mention something about him saving all his anger to unload on the kids when she's not around, so maybe she really wasn't home. But it says when it happened, the brat was up late eating in her room, so it was presumably at night. Unless Moo works second or third shift, she should have been home.

Moo is right, she is fucked up for letting this happen. She presumably does more of the child rearing than the Duh, so she should have tried harder to discipline her instead of letting the brat treat her like a doormat. Maybe she wouldn't have been beaten if Moo didn't let her do whatever she wants. I also very seriously doubt this was the first time he cracked her with his belt, so I wonder what made the kid freak out about it now?
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 21, 2023 08:01AM
More gold from AITA. Two people with kids get married, have all sorts of problems, and of course they must have One of Their OwnTM.

Does anyone think these "blended family" situations actually work? The divorce rate for marriages with kids from previous relationships is 75%


My husband has 2 (19 and 16) daughters from his previous relationship. He only sees them once or twice a week on his days off. Its because of his work schedule that he can’t see them often. When they come over they usually stay for a short time, eat dinner or lunch, and talk with their dad. Sometimes they go out for a couple of hours

The problem is that they have no respect for me, my kids, and 16F constantly steals from our home.

I don’t mind if they just didn’t want a relationship with me. But they constantly disrespect me, and insult me when I enter the room. They have insulted me for not working (i have a job but just recently had a baby), and make ‘jokes’ how i’m using their dad for money (I make more money him). I have two sons from a previous relationship (7M, and 9M) Which they insult because they think my sons are too dumb to understand what they are saying. Yet they understand clearly and are hurt by it. I have talked to my husband about this, and he says its all just jokes, and that he acted like that to his siblings. I have talked to them about it and they told their mom who argued with my husband about it.

16F also steals, she’ll say she’s going to the bathroom and then enter the bedroom and take some cash. I have caught her doing this multiple times. My husband will make her give it back then give her money from his own wallet. When I try to talk to her about it she tells her mom, who again argued with my husband. We have gotten locks for our rooms but she has just stolen other stuff instead.

My kids avoid going to the kitchen or living room when the girls are over, and i’m tired of being worried that something is missing. I told my husband that he could spend time with the girls outside the house, and if he brought them over i’d just take the kids and leave until they’re gone.

My husband called me childish, and my mom said its unfair to make him do that for me. AITA?

The Brady Bunch was fiction.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 21, 2023 01:54PM
Would I be the asshole if I pointed out to my wife that we cannot afford to raise three brats on $70,000/year with $40,000 in consumer debt and a $110,000 mortgage?


I (28m) recently finished my PhD and my income rose significantly (from $35,000 to $73,000). My wife (26f) also moved jobs and increased her pay (from $40,000 to $50,000.) We recently welcomed our third child into our home, and our daycare expenses rose to $1000 a month, which ends up being a little less than half of my wife's take-home pay. Also for context we share finances completely, so when I say "my pay" or "her paycheck" to us it is really just our money.

My wife told me that she would like to stay home with the children following this school year (she works as a teacher). I told her we could try to make it work and we started budgeting to live on only my income without her check. We still pay daycare with her check, but that is all. The rest of her check we pay extra on our debt ($40,000 in consumer debt, 110,000 mortgage debt). The last month we have been able to do this, but it is much tighter financially than we would like to have it. If you notice, our incomes combined a couple years ago totaled $75,000, which is close to my income alone now. So we are essentially living on our old incomes, but with 3 children to care for and with significant inflation.

I am sad that we are struggling so much with this new budget. I want to tell my wife that I'd like her to continue to work so that we can have an easier life with more margin. I am worried, however, that it would be an asshole move to tell her to keep working when I know she is a great mother and is really struggling with wanting to stay home with them. The only other option we have as far as money is to reduce our retirement contributions to give us more margin (I contribute 8% pre-tax, employer matches 8%, then I do an additional 8% in Roth). I don't want to reduce these contributions because I want us to be able to retire comfortably.

WIBTA if I told my wife that I am not comfortable with our budget on only my income, and that I would like her to continue working to give us more financial margin in our lives?

These people are lucky their mortgage is only $110,000 and neither has student loan debt. Same with day care. I know people in my town who are paying $900 PER KID for daycare.

There are many places in this country where you absolutely cannot buy a house in an area where you would be semi-safe for under $250,000.

And who thought it was a good idea to shit out another loaf when they have $40,000 in consumer debt?

If Wifey gets her way they are going to be on the way to further financial suicide. Even if she stays working it's going to be hard to pay down that consumer debt. Better buckle down and do it while the kyds are relatively young and before they start getting their asses beat in school because they aren't wearing trendy clothes, and before they really start asking for stuff.
Re: Breakingmom Tales: Or A Collection of Stupidity & Dumb Choices
September 22, 2023 12:02AM
I say let Moo stay home with the brats, for one reason. Almost every single Moo over on the breakingmom sub says that they absolutely couldn't wait to go back to work to get away from their damn kids after SAHMing for months/years. So maybe once she's been cooped up with three little assholes for a few months, she'll want to go back to working. Of course, this woman works with kids, so she wouldn't really escape kids entirely.

I don't know what either parent is smoking, but a family of five cannot survive on $75K a year. Almost no one can get by on a single income anymore. They will squeak by, and all it will take to completely fuck their finances every which way is a medical emergency, a cancer diagnosis, major car repairs, a serious house problem requiring urgent repair or any other emergency situation. I make $23K and I can't even afford to take care of myself.

Duh is not an asshole for wanting his family to be financially stable. Moo is the asshole for not realizing that her income is important to the family. I'm sure she would love to stay home and play house with the brats, but being able to afford to eat and live in a house is more important. I mean maybe she could get away with working part time - that way, she isn't being completely useless, but she can spend more time with the sprogs.

Besides, it's not good for someone to become depenednt on their spouse's income. Because in the event shit hits the fan and the relationship ends or the other spouse becomes abusive, the dependent spouse (usually the Moo) will have absolutely no money to put toward escaping. It's not a good situation to put yourself in.
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